About US

Karma Collections philosophy is simple… unique styles and designs, superb quality, high end finishes and working with locally highly skilled artisans, thus giving back to the country as much as they can.

Our style is also very unique. With ‘Colour’, and ‘Boho Chic’ being the main trend, their inspiration has very much come from the tropical fantasy that Sri Lanka has to offer, with its stunning weather, beaches and romanticism.

The secret to their success is also simple… ‘Treat every guest as a VIP, regardless of age, shape or size’. They know that this would not be possible if it were not for their incredible team of staff, who take great pride in their roles and have all been part of the Karma family from the beginning.

Meet The Owners

Tivon, born in Sri Lanka from humble beginning, designed his first jewellery collection for a wedding at the tender age of 14, and since then he knew he was destine for a life filled with creativity, colour, passion and honesty.  He started his career in the Art world working at the Saskia Fernando Gallery (the most successful gallery on the island), in Galle Fort. He then moved into fashion, where his true passion lie.


In 2016 Tivon met Seema, a British born Indian Interior Designer who has been living between the UK and Sri Lanka since 2008 . Seema’s background has been in the business and sales arena for 30 years and for the last 15 years she has been an established Interior Designer in the UK and Sri Lanka.


As soon as Tivon and Seema met, there was an incredible creative connection and through several informal meetings decided to collaborate, and the first Karma Collection was born in 2017.


In 2020 when the pandemic hit, tourism in Sri Lanka came to a sudden halt, as with the rest of the world. Not one to rest in their loreals, and wanting to ensure that the ‘Karma Family’ where able to continue to support their families, Tivon and Seema decided to take the brand online, a wise decision give that that was now the only way the world could shop. They became an overnight success, and now reach customers all over the world, giving them all an opportunity to wear a piece of Karma Collection!